Community Collaborators

Thank you to the business and industry leaders who have lent their expertise and insight to the students of Del Mar Union. Connecting the classroom, and student learning, to authentic issues, problems, and experiences provides students with opportunities to have an impact in their community. It prepares them for their future by building their skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. It builds confidence and awareness of the world around them. And it provides them with insight into the cognitive demands of future career fields. 

Del Mar City Council
Mayor Dwight Worden
Michael DiTullo
Michael DiTullo
 San Dieguito River ParkRangers Leana Bulay and David Vital 

UCSD Design Lab
Ronal Fay, 
Volunteer & Retired
USGS Hydrologist
UCSD School of Medicine
 Wounded Warrior Homes
Master Gardeners